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"A Global Leader of IVD Raw Materials"

Incorporated in 1986 Nittobo America Inc., (NTB-A) owned by Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd. and Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd. is comprised of manufacturing facilities for three respected brands of immunodiagnostic products, IIC established in 1982, MBC which was founded in 1987, Capricorn was established in 1994 and was acquired by Nittobo in 2019. 

The California facility, where our IIC Brand is produced, is situated on 70 acres in the Murrieta Valley in Southern California (USA).

California Valley location

IIC Brand Facility in California


The Iowa facilities, where our MBC Brand is produced, is located on 90 acres of farm land in Boone, Iowa, (USA).

Boone Facility

MBC Brand Laboratory in Iowa

The Maine facilities, where our Capricorn Brand is produced, is located on 12 acres of farm land in Portland, Maine, (USA).

All facilities are:

ISO Certified (9001:2015) for:  Design, Manufacture and Supply Bulk Polyclonal Antisera and Complementing Products.

NTBA ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


USDA Registered Technical Plants, for collection and export to the EU.

Our primary emphasis is the manufacturing and supply of antisera and calibrators in bulk quantities as raw material to immunodiagnostic assay manufacturers.

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