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Monoclonal Products

Description Specificity Part #
Monoclonal anti-SARS Coronavirus, purified SAR679 CAP-SAR679-M4
Monoclonal anti-SARS Coronavirus, purified SAR680 CAP-SAR680-M4
Monoclonal anti-SARS & Covid-19 coronavirus, purified SAR794 CAP-SAR794-M4
Monoclonal anti-Streptococcus pneumoniae, purified STP714 CAP-STP714-M4
Monoclonal anti-Streptococcus pneumoniae, purified STP715 CAP-STP715-M4
Monoclonal anti-Streptococcus pneumoniae, purified STP716 CAP-STP716-M4
Monoclonal anti-Toxoplasma gondii, purified TOX043 CAP-TOX043-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis B Core Antigen, purified HBC381 CAP-HBC381-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis B Core Antigen, purified HBC382 CAP-HBC382-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis B Core Antigen, purified HBC383 CAP-HBC383-M4
Monoclonal anti-TSH, beta, purified TSH010 CAP-TSH010-M4
Monoclonal anti-Cloxacillin, ascites CLO410 CAP-CLO410-M1
Monoclonal anti-Candida albicans, purified CAN408 CAP-CAN408-M4
Monoclonal anti-Chlamydia pneumoniae, purified CHP964 CAP-CHP964-M4
Monoclonal anti-E. coli, purified ECO006 CAP-ECO006-M4
Monoclonal anti-Gram Positive Bacteria, purified GPB705 CAP-GPB705-M4
Monoclonal anti-Gram Positive Bacteria, purified GPB706 CAP-GPB706-M4
Monoclonal anti-Giardia lamblia, purified GIA742 CAP-GIA742-M4
Monoclonal anti-Giardia lamblia, purified GIA743 CAP-GIA743-M4
Monoclonal anti-Giardia lamblia, purified GIA745 CAP-GIA745-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis B surface Antigen, ad&ay, purified HBS796 CAP-HBS796-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis B surface Antigen, ad&ay, purified HBS797 CAP-HBS797-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis B surface Antigen, ad&ay, purified HBS798 CAP-HBS798-M4
Monoclonal anti-Hepatitis C Virus, purified HCV489 CAP-HCV489-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgE, purified IGE050 CAP-IGE050-M4
Monoclonal anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae, purified MYC081 CAP-MYC081-M4
Monoclonal anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae, purified MYC082 CAP-MYC082-M4
Monoclonal anti-Respiratory Syncytial Virus, purified RSV780 CAP-RSV780-M4
Monoclonal anti-Rotavirus, purified RTV345 CAP-RTV345-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgM, purified IGM053 CAP-IGM053-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgM, purified IGM054 CAP-IGM054-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgM, purified IGM055 CAP-IGM055-M4
Monoclonal anti-Penicillin, purified PEN400 CAP-PEN400-M4
Monoclonal anti-Cryptosporidium parvum, purified CRY309 CAP-CRY309-M4
Monoclonal anti-Cryptosporidium parvum, purified CRY668 CAP-CRY668-M4
Monoclonal anti-Dirofilaria immitis, purified DFI470 CAP-DFI470-M4
Monoclonal anti-Dirofilaria immitis, purified DFI471 CAP-DFI471-M4
Monoclonal anti-Dirofilaria immitis, purified DFI472 CAP-DFI472-M4
Monoclonal anti-Ebola Virus, VP40, purified EBL978 CAP-EBL978-M4
Monoclonal anti-Ebola Virus, VP40, purified EBL979 CAP-EBL979-M4
Monoclonal anti-Epstein-Barr Virus, purified EBV180 CAP-EBV180-M4
Monoclonal anti-Epstein-Barr Virus, purified EBV184 CAP-EBV184-M4
Monoclonal anti-Estradiol, purified ESD336 CAP-ESD336-M4
Monoclonal anti-hCG, beta, purified HCG021 CAP-HCG021-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1, p24, purified HIV171 CAP-HIV171-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1, purified HIV172 CAP-HIV172-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-2, purified HIV235 CAP-HIV235-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-2, purified HIV237 CAP-HIV237-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1, purified HIV248 CAP-HIV248-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1, p24, purified HIV249 CAP-HIV249-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1, p24, purified HIV301 CAP-HIV301-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1/2, p24, purified HIV302 CAP-HIV302-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1/2, p24, purified HIV303 CAP-HIV303-M4
Monoclonal anti-HIV-1/2, p24, purified HIV304 CAP-HIV304-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgG, Fc, purified IGG340 CAP-IGG340-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgG, Fc, purified IGG341 CAP-IGG341-M4
Monoclonal anti-Human IgG, Fab, purified IGG342 CAP-IGG342-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR310 CAP-BOR310-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR311 CAP-BOR311-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR312 CAP-BOR312-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR313 CAP-BOR313-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR314 CAP-BOR314-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR315 CAP-BOR315-M4
Monoclonal anti-Borrelia, purified BOR316 CAP-BOR316-M4
Monoclonal anti-Chlamydia trachomatis, purified CHL462 CAP-CHL462-M4
Monoclonal anti-Cloxacillin, purified CLO410 CAP-CLO410-M4
Monoclonal anti-Cytomegalovirus, purified CMV150 CAP-CMV150-M4
Monoclonal anti-ampicillin, ascites AMP350 CAP-AMP350-M1
Monoclonal anti-ampicillin, purified AMP350 CAP-AMP350-M4
Monoclonal anti-ampicillin, purified AMP351 CAP-AMP351-M4


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