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To Our Valued Business Partners

Nittobo America and Capricorn Products Merge

On November 19, 2019 Nittobo America Inc. announced the merger of Capricorn Products LLC, Portland, ME into Nittobo America Inc. effective January 1, 2020, in order to better serve the medical IVD regent manufacturing industry.

Nittobo America Purchases Capricorn Products

On June 13, 2019 Nittobo America Inc. announced the conclusion of an agreement for the purchase of the assets of Capricorn Products Inc. and the entire LLC membership interest of Capricorn Products, LLC, Portland, Maine on June 7, 2019.

The purpose of this agreement is to fulfill the Nittobo America Inc. expansion plan for supply of bulk antiserum to the IVD industry.

Nittobo America Consolidates Marketing & Sales of MBC and IIC

On February 1st, 2016 Nittobo America Inc. announced the consolidation of the marketing and sales functions of its two divisions: MBC and IIC. 

The integration of MBC and IIC will result in a unified and strengthened commercial operation under the name of Nittobo America Inc., and will allow your company to gain efficiencies by providing access to two established brands through an integrated Nittobo America Inc. Marketing & Sales Group.

Please read the full announcement of our consolidation in this letter from our President and C.O.O..

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