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Goat Antisera to Human Cardiac Markers

Specific lot information, Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet can be obtained by contacting the sales department.

Specificity: CKMM

Form MBC Part # IIC Part #
Serum   IIC-CKMM-G1
Affinity Purified   IIC-CKMM-G4

Specificity: Myoglobin

Form MBC Part # IIC Part #
IgG Fraction MBC-MYO-G3 IIC-MYO-G3
Affinity Purified MBC-MYO-G4 IIC-MYO-G4

Specificity: Troponin I

Form MBC Part # IIC Part #
Serum   IIC-TNI-G1
Affinity Purified   IIC-TNI-G4

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