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Nittobo America Inc. offers you Three animal facilities to conduct your Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production in goats and/or sheep.

"Your Preferred Source for Polyclonal Antisera"


Boone, Iowa:  Situated on a 9 acre plot in rural Boone County, Iowa. Animals are housed in barns and on impervious surfaces.


Murrieta, California:  On 70 acres of farm land in Murrieta County. Animals are allowed access to shelters and grazing pastures.

Aerial Facility


Both facilities offer you the following:

  •  30 years expertise in the production of polyclonal antiserum in goats and sheep.
  •   ISO Certification
  •   USDA Approved Technical Plant for collection and exporting to the EU.

Terms of Contract include:

  • All “animal use” protocols will be required to be reviewed and approved by Nittobo America Inc., (NTB-A) local Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) prior to initiation.
  • All animals assigned to the project shall remain the property of NTB-A.
  • Antigen provided by Customer must be certified as Non-Infectious / Non-Pathogenic. The Customer must accept liability for all damages incurred should humans or other animals become infected as a result of the use of these immunogens.
  • Antigen needs to be provided in a ready to use formulation in sufficient quantity and in a timely manner by Customer.  NTB-A will provide Freund’s adjuvant.
  • NTB-A will provide husbandry, maintenance, immunization, bleeding, and administrative services
  • NTB-A will maintain all documentation of activities on animals utilized in these programs.  Customer may review these upon request with a reasonable period of prior notification
  • The minimum length of a program is 9 months
  • Occasionally animals may become sick or injured in the course of these projects. NTB-A will not be held responsible for loss of animals utilized in these programs. NTB-A will provide an ordinary level of quality care and handling of animals.
  • Production bleeds are collected using an automated plasmapheresis machine, either plasma or serum can be provided with or without a preservative. Any testing, analysis or additional processing must be specifically contracted for and additional charges will apply.
  • NTB-A will make every reasonable attempt to maximize antiserum production from animals used in these projects while at the same time being mindful of the health and well-being of the animals used.
  • Pricing is based upon individual events that are contracted for. Here are examples of events.
    • Initiation fee per animal
    • Daily animal maintenance fee
    • Test bleeds (preimmune and post immunization)
    • Immunization
    • Production bleeds on a per ml basis (min charge applies)
    • Conversion of plasma to serum
    • Termination
    • Packaging / Handling fee
    • Shipping charges
    • Document fees

Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your custom program requirements

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