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Our Purpose

We manufacture polyclonal antiserum and calibrators for the immunodiagnostic assay industry.

About Us

Nittobo America Inc. (NTB-A), is a primary manufacturer of high quality bulk polyclonal antisera and complementing raw material. Our antisera is available in several forms: as serum, an Ig fraction, an igG fraction or as an immunoaffinity purified antibody. We produce these products in large scale with the intended use as a raw material for in -vitro diagnostic kits. We also provide a custom polyclonal antibody production service should you require a specificity that we do not produce. NTB-A is established in 1986, celebrates over 30 years in the industry. In June 2016 we completed the integration of the Sales and Marketing activities of our two brands: MBC and IIC. In 2019 we Acquired the third brand Capricorn product. All three brands manufacture polyclonal antisera for turbidimetric immunoassays and produce specific plasma protein calibrators and controls.

Products & Services

IIC, MBC and Capricorn are three brands represented by Nittobo America Inc.  Nittobo America Inc. is a primary manufacturer of polyclonal antiserum and calibrators for the turbidimetric (TIA) immunodiagnostic assay industry and for other IVD applications.

Contract Production

Nittobo America Inc. (NTB-A) offers a custom contract antibody production program utilizing your own antigen in our two USDA licensed facilities.

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