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MBC Antiserum Bottles

Polyclonal Antisera: Goat Host
All antisera are produced in goats unless otherwise designated. The serum is polyclonal, delipidated and monospecific by immunoelectrophoresis when tested against pooled human plasma and 2X concentrated human serum.

Suitable for use in most immunoassay systems, it is a stable liquid solution that is clear with a slightly amber coloring. The preservative is sodium azide.  Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. 

We also offer custom antisera production in goats.

Pricing is based upon the volume ordered. We are a bulk manufacturer. Typical bulk quantities are greater than 100mL.

Serum (part number suffix -G1)

Gamma Fractions (Part number suffix -G2)
Suitable for applications requiring a lower background than a serum based product.

IgG Fractions (Part number suffix -G3)
These products are suitable for applications requiring low background interference or when only goat IgG is required, extraneous goat proteins are removed.

Affinity Purified Antibodies (Part number suffix -G4)
Suitable for applications requiring pure antibody, such as enzyme conjugation. Antibodies are separated from antisera by immuno-affinity chromatography.

Calibrators (Part number suffix - H1)
Suitable for various testing methods such as TIA, RRID, Becker etc. Calibrators are prepared by concentrating normal human serum and are provided in a stabilized liquid form. All IIC, MBC and CAP brand products are provided with the specific protein concentrations.  Please inquire about needs for calibrators to be manufactured on a custom basis.

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