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Nittobo America Inc., can provide IgG fractions and affinity purified antibodies to meet your specifications.

Row of Test Tubes

An IgG fraction is the preferred product form when performing binding of antisera to latex for turbidimetric immunoassays (TIA).  Goat serum is processed to remove all but minimal amounts of extraneous (non-IgG) goat serum proteins.

Affinity purified antibodies are separated from antisera by immuno-affinity chromatography. These antibodies are suitable for those applications requiring pure antibody, such as enzyme conjugation.

All antibody forms are monospecific by immunoelectrophoresis versus 1X pooled normal human plasma (NHP) and 2X pooled human serum (NHS), high titered as determined by Becker SR1 and demonstrate high avidity in nephelometric, turbidimetric and enzyme immunoassay systems.

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