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Cardiac Markers

Goat Antisera to Human Cardiac Markers

Specificity Form MBC Part # MBC SDS IIC Part # IIC SDS
CKMM Serum     IIC-CKMM-G1 SDS-1003
  Affinity Purified     IIC-CKMM-G4 SDS-1003
Myoglobin Serum MBC-MYO-G1 SDS 1000 IIC-MYO-G1 SDS-1003
  IgG Fraction MBC-MYO-G3 SDS 1000 IIC-MYO-G3 SDS-1003
  Affinity Purified MBC-MYO-G4 SDS 1000 IIC-MYO-G4 SDS-1003
Troponin I  Serum     IIC-TNI-G1 SDS-1003
  Affinity Purified     IIC-TNI-G4 SDS-1003


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Nittobo America Inc., established in 1986, celebrates over 30 years in the industry. In June 2016 we completed the integration of the Sales and Marketing activities of our two brands: MBC and IIC. Both brands manufacture polyclonal antisera for turbidimetric immunoassays and produce specific plasma protein calibrators and controls.

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